About Us

About Us
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There’s not much to tell about us. Here’s the sweet and short: we like creating solutions where there is a need. A brainchild of The Female Entrepreneur Collective, eTailer was created to assist entrepreneurs in South Africa start their own eCommerce websites. You have the product, we have the marketplace – and now you can have the online store you have always dreamed of. With less of the fuss, and more of the benefit.

The eTailer marketplace gives an opportunity to all South Africans to start making a life, a living and set the wheels in motion to create a sustainable business.

We all need a helping hand, and this is exactly what this is – a hand up, not a hand down.

We believe in:

  • Empowering the people of South Africa
  • Supporting those who want to make a living
  • Celebrating South Africans with the creative edge
  • Promoting the solution to a need

If you want any more info, be sure to get in touch.

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